Hair Expectations

We make your hair vision come true.

We are hair specialists and hair designers that are dedicated to creating the look that you have always wanted. When it comes to your hair, you should expect the best!


Expect the best!

At Hair Expectations, our staff are friendly and skilled. On an annual basis, we brush up our skills by doing courses that are made available in the Ottawa area. You can be sure that we are always on top of the most recent hair trends. Should you need hair and makeup done at your wedding, then we do offer onsite wedding services. Why not bring the hair salon to you? We look forward to providing you and your family with exceptional hair salon services at reasonable prices.

  • Wash & Style
    • Short Hair (above ears): $27+
    • Mid Length (up to shoulders): $29+
    • Long Length (Past the shoulders): $33+
  • Haircuts
    • Short Hair/No Wash (Pixie/Barber): $22+
    • Short Hair/Wash/Style (Pixie/Barber): $29+
    • Mid Length (up to shoulders) :$37+
    • Long Length (up to mid back): $47+
    • Extra Long Length (Past mid back):$ 57+
  • Perm, Cut, Style: $85+

We are pleased to offer you a Certified Deva Curl Cut Stylist in each of our salon locations. No matter what type of curl or wave you have, our Certified Stylist will be able to help you and coach you on the proper maintenance and product usage for your curl type. 

  • Deva Curl Transformation – $80
  • Deva Curl Transformation & Cut – $95
  • Deva Curl Kids Transformation & Cut – $50
  • Deva Curl Coaching & Transformation – $125
    • This 2 Hour service includes the Deva Curl Transformation and coaching on curl maintenance and product usage. This is the ideal service for parents with curly hair children who struggle with managing their children’s curly hair. 

Sulfate Free – Paraben Free – Silicone Free – Cruelty Free – Gluten Free

Please Read: Important information for your Deva Cut Salon Visit!  How to Prep for Your First Deva Cut

Below is the pricing for all of our colour services. If you are unsure what service you need, you may consult with your stylist. A partial highlight covers foils along your part line, half head highlights cover from above the ears and up, and full highlights cover the entire head. Your personal maintenance will depend on what service you require and can be discussed with your stylist.

  • Full Colour, Blowout, Short Hair – $56+
  • Full Colour, Cut, Blowout, Short Hair – $68+
  • Full Colour, Blowout, Long Hair – $69+
  • Full Colour, Cut, Blowout, Long Hair – $87+
  • Roots, Blowout, Long Hair – $63+
  • Roots, Cut, Blowout, Long Hair – $77+
  • Foils/Highlights
    • Partial, Blowout – $82+
    • Partial, Cut, Blowout – $99+
    • Half Head, Blowout – $99+
    • Half Head, Cut, Blowout – $117+
    • Full Head, Blowout – $110+
    • Full Head, Cut, Blowout – $127+
    • Additional Charges: Additional charges may apply for long or thick hair or additional colours (more than 2)
      • Short Hair: Take $10 off of above listed prices for highlights
      • Extra colour: $18
      • Extra Bleach: $18
      • Toner: $18
      • These are starting prices – there are slight increases in pricing based on the Level of Stylist you visit and how many colours you decide for your hair. 
  • Creative Colour – $65+/hr, Cut/style is extra based on hair length.
    • What is Creative Colour? This is anything that is outside the normal all over base colour or highlights. You’ve heard of some of these terms: Ombre, Sombre, Colour Melting, Dip Dye, vibrant, pastels and more. In these cases, we will consult with each individual client to determine which creative colour technique they need for their desired look. Creative colours involve multiple steps to achieve these looks and can take an unpredictable amount of time. Some may only take an hour before cutting and styling and some may take 2-3 hours. Consultation is key in helping us understand what look you are after.   
  • Corrective Colour – $60+/hr. Cut/style is extra based on hair length.
    • Anytime you want to go from a dark base shade to a lighter base shade all over, this is considered a colour correction. We would consider this a corrective colour because it can be unpredictable as to how many steps we may need to take you to the shade that you desire. This process may also result in more than one visit to the salon to keep the integrity of your hair in mind. Corrective colours can be as little as a 1.5-2hour process or can be upwards of 3-4 hours.
  • Moroccanoil Restorative Repair Treatment – $5
    • This service is specifically designed for hair that has been severely damaged by chemical processing and stripped of its natural moisture and elasticity.
  • Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Treatment – $5
    • This service is designed for hair that has been depleted of its hydration. The results are instant and outstanding and will leave hair hydrated, silky and will restore shine.

***(Both Moroccanoil treatments are an additional charge to any other hair services and take just 10 minutes.)

  • Joico Defy Damage – $20
    • Defy Damage is a 2-Step in salon service that works on a molecular level. This breakthrough system helps to protect and strengthen hair bonds for an instant healthy hair transformation. 
    • Take Home System: Defy Damage take home system will help you defy the daily elements like UV rays, heat styling and environmental pollution – free radicals that contribute to dull, dry and damaged hair. 

If you have a formal event – big or small, we have the team that can pull it all together. From vintage to classic to intricate artistic detail, our stylists will make your vision a reality. Add a flawless make-up application from our talented Make-Up artists who will perfectly compliment your desired look.

Let us enhance your beauty for your formal affair.

  • Up Do – $90
    • Updo prices vary depending on hair length, thickness and how detailed the design is. For best results, wash your hair the day prior to your event. Do not flat iron your hair as it can work against achieving the desired results.
  • Curls 
    • Short Hair: $35
    • Shoulder Length: $45
    • Mid Length: $55
    • Long Length: $65
  • Pure Anada Mineral Make-Up Application – $70
    • We use Pure Anada for all of our make-up applications. Pure Anada is an all natural mineral make-up made in Canada. It provides a flawless finish while still allowing your skin to breathe. We recommend a light skin exfoliation the day prior to your wedding for a more even make-up application. Skin should be clean and moisturized prior to make-up application.
  • Just Eyes – $30
  • Air Brush Makeup Application – $85
  • Lashes – $10/set with application (synthetic)


Hair tinsel is just that – tinsel that comes in 25 different colours. The tinsel is tied into the hair – no harsh glue or chemicals are used to put them in or take them out. They can be straightened, curled, washed and blowdried. We recommend holding the tinsel in place when combing the hair as they can slide down the hair shaft. If it does slide down, it’s easy to slide it back up to the root.

$2 Per Strand


Do you want to add some art to your hair? This can be applied to men, women and children. A section of hair is shaved down (to be determined) and a design is discussed with your hair tattoo artist.

Our in-salon tattoo artist: Vange

$1 per minute