Hair Expectations


by our Brides

6-12+ Months

Research & Reserve Your Day!

  • This is the time to bring all of your questions with you whether by email, phone or in person. The more information that you can provide us for the day of your wedding, the better we will be able to accommodate your requests.
  • Onsite or In Salon? The staff at Hair Expectations are seasoned and well equipped to bring the salon to you. For larger parties, we will send additional staff to make the best use of your time on the big day. A minimum of 3 people are required for onsite services.
  • You and your party are also most welcome to come to the salon for your services.
  • Book early! We do 100 weddings a year, so your day will get booked quickly. 

1 Month Prior

  • Trial Appointments: Feel free to take a picture of your final look. Our make-up artist will record all make-up used for the trial to ensure the same look for the day of your wedding.
  • Colour and cut is also recommended in this time frame if you colour your hair.

Your wedding is one week away!

  • Bridal Party Bookings!
  • Popular Package: Pedicure and shellac manicure. $80 for both with colour shellac, $85 for both with french shellac polish.
  • Waxing: Any waxing you require should also be done 2-5 days prior to the wedding day.

2 Months Prior

  • Time to book your trial for hair and make-up and are generally booked 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding.
  • Why book a trial? Trial appointments are encouraged for the bride. This is the perfect time to meet your stylist, bring in pictures of your dress, hairstyles and make-up you like. A trial saves precious time on your wedding day by spending the extra time needed to make it perfect. This also allows you to wear your hair and make-up for a day prior to your wedding and we can make any necessary changes for the day of your wedding if something wasn’t working for you.

2 Weeks Prior

    • All of your final details are coming together. Let us provide you with some R & R before the big day.
    • Enjoy a one hour Eminence Precious Organic Facial with one of our skilled Aestheticians. This not only provides you with some relaxation, but also preps your skin for a flawless make-up application on your wedding day. Eminence Precious Organics Facial: $85
    • Get your first shellac manicure now. This allows sufficient time for your nails to be a beautiful length for the day of your wedding. French Shellac Manicure: $50

1 – Your hair is recommended to be washed the day or night before. Please do not flat iron your hair or put any additional styling products in your hair as this can work against the desired result.

2 – For make-up applications, your skin should be clean, exfoliated, moisturized and make-up free.

3 – For onsite weddings, our team will arrive at least 15 minutes early to allow for setting up make-up and to allow for heat styling tools to warm up. We accept cash and credit card for onsite services. Please remind your bridal party of this if they are paying for their own services.

4 – Please make sure that your wedding party is there when we are and on time. We are also on a schedule for the day and if someone or multiple people are not there when we are ready for them, we can be greatly delayed for our other clients.

5 – If we are going to a hotel, please let the front desk know that we are coming. This saves time in trying to reach you and keeps us and you on track for timing.

6 – If you are reserving a hotel room, most hotels do not allow you into the room until 11am. MOST of the weddings that we provide onsite services for require us to start prior to 11am unless it is an evening wedding (after 5PM).

7 – A room with natural lighting for make-up applications is essential to any make-up artist. If it’s in a hotel, please request a room with good natural light.