Hair Expectations


Green Circle Salon collects, recycles & repurposes Hair Expectations’s hair, foils, colour-tubes, papers and plastics, glass, spa waste AND divert excess hair chemicals from being rinsed down the drain.

Over 3,350,000 lbs of waste has been diverted from landfills and waterways by Green Circle Salons!

Green Circle Salons are stewards of clean air, clean water and clean soil

Salons produce difficult-to-manage waste often contaminated with bleach, hair color, and other chemicals. A typical salon has high water consumption, high energy usage, and releases chemical by-product down the drain. At the same time many salons strive to be eco-friendly wherever possible, to attract green-minded clients and reduce their footprint.

As they create beauty, they make waste.

Green Circle Salons is the beauty industry’s pathway to sustainability. At our core we are innovators, pioneering truly sustainable solutions for repurposing, recycling, and capturing 95% of salon and spa waste since 2009. Our 1500+ member salons span nearly every state and province in North America. We serve our member salons via our fleet of carbon offset vehicles and carbon offset couriers. We teach each member salon how to properly separate materials for collection and how to attract new green-minded clients. We further serve our salons by coaching them in making green changes to the operations of their salon such as LED lighting, renewable energy, organic tea and coffee, eco-friendly cleaning products, and installing water saving faucets in a way that saves money, month after month.

We are committed to giving back 5% of our pre-tax profits to work with local and international organizations to support programs that create positive social and environmental change.

Our member salons are truly the greenest salons in the world.

Human hair has purpose:

Green Circle manufactures hair booms for the purposes of oil spill cleanup. Human hair has the same adsorbent properties as an animal’s fur or feathers and proves extraordinarily effective at removing oil from water. We donate booms to any party in the event of an oil spill. 

Green Circle Salons’ head office is in Toronto, Ontario. Our operations span our warehouses in Seattle, Vancouver BC, Calgary, Montreal, and Chicago. From these facilities we serve every zip code and postal code in Canada and the USA.

Just some of the materials we collect (varies by region):
Hair, soiled foils, color tubes, aerosols, gloves, excess hair color and lightener, wax strips, nail polish bottles, glass, plastics, cardboard and paper, electronics, batteries, and light bulbs.