Women’s Pedicures

Hair Expectations Pedicures
  • Barefoot Venus Pedicure
    Bare Essential Pedicure
    Don’t have time for the full relaxation of our 1 hour Barefoot Pedicure? Our Bare Essential Pedicure is just the foot fix that you need! It includes nail buff and file, exfoliating scrub on lower calf and foot followed by lotion application and polish.
  • Barefoot Pedicure
    Our #1 Service!

    Our Barefoot Pedicure treatment starts with a relaxing Mustard Bath foot soak by our #1 selling body care line Barefoot Venus in our massaging pedicure chairs with bath jets. Nail and cuticle care, form and file, callous removal and buff, foot and calf exfoliation & massage finished with a polish application offering a wide selection of OPI polish.

  • Eminence Pedicure
    eminence-organicsWith our Eminence Organic advanced foot treatment, you receive all of the healthy benefits of our skin care line for your lower legs and feet. Nail and cuticle care, nail form and file, conditioning foot massage with seasonal Eminence lotions, Eminence seasonal sugar scrub with hot towel treatment and OPI polish.
  • Barefoot Pedicure for 2
    There’s no harm in wanting to share the experience with a friend, spouse or sister and when you do, you both will enjoy $5 off of your classic pedicure. (Regular price is $49 each)
  • Mommy & Me Pedicure
    There’s nothing that a little girl doesn’t enjoy more than to get a spa treatment with mom. Enjoy and create this lasting memory together. For children 12 and under. Not recommended for children under 4
  • Mom and Teen Pedicure
    What better way to bond with your Teen daughter than by getting pampered. Bonding with your daughter goes beyond the age of 12 and with that in mind, we have created a package at a special price. For teens ages 13-17.
  • Men's Hot Stones
    A LA CARTE: NEW!! Hot Stone Add On
    Not only does Hot Stone Massage feel amazing, there are added therapeutic benefits to receiving hot stone therapy. Adding Hot Stone Therapy to our pedicures further offers the benefits of pain relief, improved circulation and muscle relaxation due to the warmed stones and deeper penetration working with the rocks offers.

    Service Provided by: Emily

  • A LA CARTE: Shellac Colour Polish
    Going away to the Beach? Is it winter and you don’t want to wait for your polish to dry or go out in the cold and snow with sandals? Maybe you just want the lasting shine. Take the worry of smudged polish, cold feet and sand exfoliating your nice polish away by getting a shellac polish application with your pedicure.
  • A LA CARTE: Shellac French Polish
    Make it a classic with a Shellac French application.
  • A LA CARTE: Paraffin Dip
    Not only does a paraffin treatment feel heavenly on your hands and feet, but also adds the following benefits: Softens and soothes the skin, heat therapy for those with arthritis – the heat helps to increase blood flow and relax the muscles. For the same reasons it also helps with tendonitis, sprains, pulled muscles and fibromyalgia.
  • Barefoot Venus Manicure & Pedicure Package
    Enjoy these 2 classic treatments in the same visit and enjoy $10 off the individual prices.