Women’s Facials

Eminence Organics Facial

Every time you purchase one of our retail products we plant a tree in developing countries. Over 2 million trees planted!

  • NEW! Eminence Flash Beauty Facial
    Experience 10 premium Eminence Organic Skin Care products in just 10 minutes. This flash beauty facial is a great way to try 10 products or the line if you’re new to skin care or new to Eminence or to give your skin a boost if you don’t have time to invest in a full facial. This flash facial is finished off with their mineral powders giving your skin a nice glow and ready to continue your day.
  • Eminence Express Facial
    Don’t have time for the full facial escape? Try this quick refresher for a little break away. This is also a great maintenance facial in between your “change of seasons” facial. 30 min
  • LIMITED TIME: Sweet Desire Facial & Leg Treatment
    This sweet facial and leg wrap will leave you desiring more. A rosy glow is what you will have after exfoliating and hydrating with Hungarian Strawberry and a luxurious chocolate masque. Organic ingredients infuse your skin with vitamins and powerful antioxidants.

    Available in February!

  • Eminence Express Facial & Slimming Leg Wrap
    Need the full body treat but, don’t have the whole day to spend at the spa? This is a great option for when you’re running low on time but, need some TLC. Enjoy a maintenance facial customized to your skin types as well as the leg wrap of your choice. Cellulite Stimulating or Slimming Wrap or our Seasonal Aromatic Leg Wrap leaving your senses fulfilled and your skin looking and feeling polished.
  • Precious Organics
    A facial for all ages tailored to your specific needs and concerns. We are able to target dry/oily, acne/sensitive, youth preserving or anti-aging/mature skin types. While your face is being rejuvenated, enjoy massage to your neck and décolleté. 1 hour
  • Eminence VitaSkin Organics
    An advanced facial for all ages that boosts your skin concerns to the next level of prevention and correction. This facial specifically targets Calm (rosacea and sensitive skin types), Clear (acne prone skin types), Firm (anti-aging), and Bright (for dark spots and uneven skin types). If your concerns fit into one of these four categories, this is the facial for you. 1 Hour

    Starter Kits available for home & travel use: $58 (approximately a 1 month supply)

  • Age Corrective Organics: Sunrise to Sunset
    Achieve instant results and lasting beauty day and night with our anti-aging facial using products with the added benefits of natural retinol and stem cell complex correcting the signs of aging. We’ll deepen the treatment and prepare your skin with overnight skin repair products which is when your body naturally goes into recovery mode repairing the damage done to your skin during the day. Nighttime is the perfect time to activate an anti-aging treatment when products can penetrate deeper into your skin. These products also infused with coconut oil will work on reversing the signs of aging from morning to night. 1 Hour

    NEW: Age Corrective Starter Kit: $79

  • Eminence Experience: Feel the Heat
    The advanced facial is a great workout for all skin types with the most benefits to your skin. By heating up the skin we target skin tone, collagen reproduction, cell renewal and fine lines and wrinkles leaving your skin with a warm healthy glow. This facial is recommended for the major change of seasons – Spring & Fall. While your skin is working out and getting rejuvenated, enjoy a massage to your neck, decollete, hands and arms. 1 Hour 15 min

    Recreate the Heat at Home: We recommend the “Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment”

  • Arctic Berry C & E Treatment
    Do you want a hard work out for your skin in a short amount of time? This treatment will work overtime to get the job done in just 30 minutes targeting pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkle, improved dullness, and prevents and corrects skin damage. Get this quick treatment anytime your skin needs a quick and productive boost. 30 minutes
  • Eminence Illuminate & Antioxidate: Turn Back Time
    Our newest & most advanced treatment facial for all skin types that targets nearly all skin concerns. Using Eminence’s newest collections with Arctic Berry and Antioxidant Rich Citrus and Kale, target pigmentation, aging skin, uneven skin tones(redness), and prevent and correct free radical damage. Restore radiance and achieve all of the benefits of a chemical peel and microdermabrasion treatment with our newest Organic skin care professional products. 1 Hour