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    Sole Soother Pedicure
    Men need proper foot care as well. The average person takes 8000-10000 steps a day which equates to about 115,000 miles over a lifetime. Considering the mileage you put on your feet, they need proper maintenance. Regular foot care by professionals can help with foot odour by removing dead skin cells, prevention of ingrown toenails, calluses and corns. Our semi-private pedicure room is just the spot to make men feel comfortable in getting the sole soother. A foot soak with Kneipp Eucalyptus salts is offered in our massaging chair.

    TOP 5 Reasons for Men to Get a Pedicure!

    1. Foot odour reduction. If this doesn’t convince you, then skip the next 4 cause there is no hope.
    2. Prevention of ingrown nails.
    3. You get a foot massage. Yes it might tickle, but is not manly to giggle.
    4. You get to sit in a pimped out chair that massages.
    5. It is relaxing and enjoyable. Most importantly – it is attractive to look after yourself.