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Ladibugs Hair Care – Safe, Effective Lice Removal

Safe Effective Lice Removal

Ladibugs Hair Care Story

We are two moms that are both registered nurses, whose daughters acquired head lice through a school outbreak. Like many families who have had to deal with this unwelcomed guest, we tried the toxic shampoos and things that we “heard” would work and spent hours combing and nit- picking our daughter’s hair. We were frustrated with our options, the hours spent trying to eliminate the lice, and the lack of correct information.

Therefore, in the parking lot of our girl’s school, we decided we could create a business that would help kids, families, schools, camps and nursing homes eliminate head lice in a safe and natural process that is proven to be highly effective. We are here to educate, treat and to make the experience as pleasant as it can be.

Developing a plan and a pesticide free product line.

The duo then teamed up with a chemist and tested a myriad of products, landing on a Pesticide-Free solution that includes the highest quality ingredients and essential oils. No more burning eyes or nasty smells!

Less than a year after their first conversation, they launched Ladibugs Haircare – a full line of pesticide-free head lice Prevention and Elimination products. Used with a special patent-pending lice comb, they are the most effective and the only pesticide-free head lice treatment on the market.