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About Jock River Canning Co.

While growing up just outside the village of Richmond, Ontario on his family farm, Blair Moodie always saw his mother and grandmothers canning as a way to preserve the produce from large gardens or to have items that are simply not available in stores.  Jar upon jar would be preserved and throughout the year it was a regular task to go down to the basement and bring up jars for meals.  Years later in 2002 while living in British Columbia he came across a blackberry bush outside his condo and decided to give a jam a try.  Mom and Grandmas made it look easy so why not…  That batch of blackberry jam was the start of what Blair likes to call “Canning Fever” which continued to grow after his return to the Richmond area in 2007.
In 2012 while running a home daycare, a parent was looking for a quick gift idea and Blair suggested some homemade jam.  Since then the summer months have gone from counting jars by the case to counting them by the thousands.  Every jar is still made the same way that his mother and grandmothers used to do it using as many local ingredients as possible.
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