Children’s Hair Care Services


Yes! We have a school fundraiser program. Call us for details.

Ladibugs Hair Care in Ottawa

We have a young family and know what it is like to pay for all the expenses that come your way. See us for Toonie Tuesday and save when you kids need a hair cut. The first child will get their hair cut at regular price. Your second. third, fourth… child will only have to pay $2 for their hair cut. Expect the best for your children’s hair care.

Children’s Hair Care

  • Kids Wash Cut and Style
    Cut, Style (age 5 and under)
  • Kids Wash, Cut and Style
    Wash, Cut, Style (age 6-12) Girls
    An additional charge may apply for children with long and/or thick hair. We schedule 30 minutes for a wash/cut/style for girls. If the service time goes beyond 30 minutes due to long/thick hair, an additional $8 will be applied to the service.
  • Wash, Cut, Style (Age 6-12) Boys
  • Kids Formal Updo
    Up Do
    Prices depend on hair thickness, length and detail of the up do.
  • Kids Style Curls
    Prices depend on hair thickness and length.
  • Kids Free Bang Trim
    Bang Trim
    Sometimes your child doesn’t need a full hair cut, but rather just a bang trim. We offer bang trims at no charge to all of our clients.
  • Hair Tinsel
    $2 ea.
    Hair tinsel is just that – tinsel that comes in 25 different colours. The tinsel is tied into the hair – no harsh glue or chemicals are used to put them in or take them out. They can be straightened, curled, washed and blowdried. We recommend holding the tinsel in place when combing the hair as they can slide down the hair shaft. If it does slide down, it’s easy to slide it back up to the root.
  • Feather Extensions
    $15 ea.
    Choose from a variety of styles and colours. Feathers can be washed, curled (thin feathers) or straightened and blowdried as they are real feathers. They are installed with a micro ring that is threaded through the hair. No harsh chemicals or glue is used.