Welcome to Hair Expecations

Our Story

As a young family, we moved to Richmond Village about 3 years before we opened our family friendly salon and spa. We identified that the retail and service industry was one of our strengths after many years as managers in various retailers. We were able to take the accumulated marketing and retail knowledge and create our own family friendly and customer friendly salon and spa.

Why Richmond Village?

We did look at other areas outside of where we lived, but when we started speaking with our neighbours and friends in Richmond about the possibility, we overwhelmingly knew that we should open where we live and where our children go to school. We wanted to create a niche business where not only did we do family hair, but we would also do spa services and make sure that the entire family was welcome. We wanted to staff accordingly so that people could book with relatively short notice and not have to book weeks in advance. This was how we opened and how we operate today.

We identified a building that had been sitting vacant since the Home Hardware had left. We thought that we could bring people back to the building and keep the local feel. We had many challenges with an older building that would make many people walk away. We also had some challenges with people who were threatened by a new business. We had to deal with sewer issues, frozen water pipes and a particularly friendly competitor who booked fake appointments and posted fake reviews. That was all within the first 2 weeks of opening. However, with blood, sweat and some tears, we persevered and also gained a People’s Choice Award for Best New Business.

Awards and Nominations

  • February 2009 – Winner – New Business of the Year
  • December 2014 – Nominated for Health and Wellness Business of the Year
  • February 2015 – Nominated for Stylist Hair & Makeup Ottawa Wedding Award
  • April 2016 – Nominated for Stylist-Hair Ottawa Wedding Award
  • April 2016 – Winner – the Ottawa Wedding Awards Platinum Award for the Best Hair Style – 2016

Health and Wellness – For You and our Planet

What is in our products and what it means for our health and our planet are growing concerns for many people – including us! That is why we carefully select products and services for our salon and spa.

  •  Eminence Organic Skin Care – #1 Professional Organic Skin Care products that are made in Hungary by hand with the finest organic ingredients providing amazing results to your skin. Not only does Eminence take great care in your skin but, they are always looking for ways in decreasing their carbon footprint. Currently they use wind power, solar energy and geothermal heating in the making of their products. Eminence has also partnered with Forests for the Future and has planted over 3 million trees in 19 developing countries with our salons personal contribution of over 600 trees planted. We use Eminence Organic Products in all of our body treatments, facials and have the option in our upgraded manicure and pedicure.
  • Pure Anada Make-Up – Made in Canada! Pure Anada is an all natural mineral make-up line that uses certified organic oils and waxes and natural purified pigments eliminating harmful chemicals and ingredients. All at an affordable price for all women to feel good about using. We use Pure Anada make-up in all of our make-up applications for special events including prom, weddings, photo shoots and more.
  • Barefoot Venus – Supports a lifestyle of beauty and wellness with their natural and aromatic bath and body products. Handmade in Canada by Goddesses with natural ingredients. We use the Barefoot Venus products in our manicures and pedicures.
  • AG – Made in Canada since 1989. AG makes their products without Parabens, Salt, PABA, DEA and animal testing. AG also contributes a portion of sales from each bottle sold to building schools for girls in Africa. AG hair products are used by our professionals in our salon services both in washing/treating and in styling your hair.
  • Ladibugs – All natural haircare products for children which can be used daily with the added bonus of lice prevention. Ladibugs also provides all natural products available to ease the lice elimination process.
  • Schwarzkopf Essensity Professional Colour – Clients have the option of choosing this ammonia free permanent hair colour for their hair colouring service. Essensity replaces synthetic ingredients with renewable naturally derived ingredients wherever possible. Free from ammonia, silicones, mineral oils and fragrance. Please consult with your stylist to see if this permanent hair colour is suitable for your needs.
  • March 2, 2015 – Hair Expectations is welcomed in to the Green Circle Salon program. We are now part of a growing movement where chemicals, aluminum colour tubes and hair is recycled without going to waste.

It has been 7 Years!

We recently celebrated our 7 year anniversary. We have grown from a few staff members, to having 2 talented aestheticians and 4 stylists who stay on top of all the recent trends. We send our team to continued education such as Make-Up and Updo courses, Cutting and Styling, Barbering, quarterly & annual Eminence Training courses. What does this mean for you? It means that we are staying on top of our product lines, styling trends and spa techniques. You will leave with great hair cuts and feeling wonderful after your spa treatments. What does this mean for us? It means that we can continue to grow on our reputation and serve you better. We are a Top 25 seller of AG product in Ontario (yes, in little Richmond Village), we are a Moroccanoil Loyalty Salon, Exclusive Eminence Spa within our region and we do around 60 weddings a year!